PhD thesis prizes

Macquarie University Postrgraduate Scholarships & Prizes

Various prizes and scholarships offered for postgraduate students in all disciplines at Macquarie

The Charlene Heisler Prize (ASA)

Prize for the most outstanding PhD thesis in Astronomy or a closely related field (Sponsored by the ASA)

Australian Institute of Physics Bragg Medal

The purpose of the prize is to recognize the work done by a Ph.D. student in Australia that is considered to be of outstanding quality.

The medal is awarded annually to the student who is judged to have completed the most outstanding Ph.D. thesis under the auspices of an Australian university, whose degree has been approved (but not necessarily conferred) in the thirteen months prior to the closing date for applications to the State Branch (i. e., from 1 June 2013 to 1 July 2014). No candidate may be nominated more than once.

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