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Diamond makes laser beams more brilliant

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A Day Without Photonics

Check out this humorous and telling video about a single day without photonics.


OptoFab at Macquarie offers microfabrication and microprocessing facilities through the Australian National Fabrication Facility

SNR G315.1-1.6

SNR G315.1-1.6, from AAO/UKST H-alpha survey of radio remnant. (Stupar 2008 PhD thesis.)

Laser maze

MQ AAA researchers confirm the discovery of a new planetary nebula

Non-reciprocal crystal

In the Photonics Theory group we investigate sub-micron scale crystals that behave as diodes for light.

ZFOURGE Granny Galaxies

Images of "granny galaxies" 12 billion light years distant from Earth.

AFM probing nanodiamonds

At the Quantum Materials and Applications (QMApp) Lab, we use NV centres in diamond to isolate single quantum states.

Scanning electron microscope image of mold spores in a microfluidic device designed for purifying spores.

Yellow Raman laser

Andrew and Tiago align a yellow Raman laser, which is being commercialised for eye surgery.

Monolithic waveguide laser

A laser written inside a block of glass using femtosecond pulses of light (from CUDOS).


An opal photonic crystal that modifies the emission of single photons from nanodiamonds.


Etching of diamond surface microstructures by 2-photon ultraviolet laser desorbtion.

Need a Planet Unit?

Physics and Astronomy offer four planet units

  • Introductory Astronomy
  • Concepts in the Physical Sciences
  • Other Worlds: Planets and Planetary Systems
  • The Tradition of Science