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Ashkbiz Danehkar

Ashkbiz Danehkar received his PhD in Physics and Astronomy from Macquarie University, Australia, for his studies on planetary nebulae with WR-type central stars in 2014. He have been a PhD student in the Research Centre in Astronomy, Astrophysics & Astrophotonics at Macquarie University since 2010. His research interests have focused on photo-ionization modeling, plasma diagnostics, elemental abundance analysis, and morpho-kinematic studies of planetary nebulae. He received his MSc in Plasma Physics from the Queen's University Belfast, UK, for his studies on propagation of electron-acoustic waves in plasmas with suprathermal electrons in 2009. Moreover, He was an early-stage researcher in theoretical and mathematical physics with the University of Craiova, Romania, in 2008, involved in studies of consistent interactions of dual gravity with a topological background field.

Ashkbiz Danehkar now is a Research Fellowship at the University of Michigan.

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