Fresh Science win for Dr. Robert Pfeifer

freshsci1Fresh Science is a national competition that has been helping early-career researchers find, and then share their stories of discovery for the past 18 years. Taking young researchers with no media experience and turning them into spokespeople for science, Fresh Science gives its finalists a taste of life in the limelight, with a day of media training and a public event in their home state. This year there were 54 applicants in NSW and 11 finalists.

Dr. Robert Pfeifer underwent a day doing practice interviews with TV, radio, and press journalists, and learning from them about what they look for in a story, how they use the media (recordings, etc.) they produce, what they want from an interview.

On Monday Night, 31st of August, a competition was held at the Three Wise Monkeys hotel in the city, where each finalist presented their research in the length of time it took for a sparkler to burn down. Robert won the public event for Fresh Science NSW (and another Macquarie University candidate, who is in cognitive science, got an honourable mention). Congratulations to Robert on his win and we look forward to seeing some fantastic public science in the future.
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