Astro-Physics Starfire 102 f /8 APO

Astro-Physics Starfire 102 mm (4 inch) f /8 (812 mm f.l.) Triplet APO Refractor

AP_102_f8_lens_398-9861.jpgThe Astro-Physics Starfire 102 mm (4 inch) f /8 scope is currently mounted on my Astro-Physics AP 900GTO mount in tandem with an Astro-Physics 6 inch f /12 Super Planetary APO.  See my astronomy home page for jpg photos of the complete setup.  Both of these Astro-Physics APO scopes are in fine condition and put up really nice images free of false colors.  The Starfire 102 mm (4 inch) f /8 (812 f.l.) (i.e., 101.6 x 8 = 812.8 mm focal length) when combined with a Pentax SMC 0.965 inch 3.8XP (3.8 mm) (ortho?) eyepiece puts up a sharp image at 812mm/3.8mm = 214x magnification (about 53x per inch) even in mediocre seeing.  On the other hand, the short focal length, 812 mm, allows for very wide fields of view approaching 3 degrees with a Televue 55 mm Plossl

Full size 1407x772 pixel version of picture at top: AP_102_f8_398-9896.jpg

Full size 1344x937 pixel version of picture at bottom: AP_102_f8_lens_398-9861.jpg

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