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The Australian Optical Society :

The Australian Optical Society (AOS) is a non-profit organisation for the advancement of optics in Australia. The society was formed in 1983 for this purpose. The society embraces anyone contributing to or interested in optics in the widest sense.

The Australian Optical Society was established

Advantages of AOS Membership :

In addition, your membership will give you a voice, via the activities of the AOS Council, in the development of optics in this region, for which the AOS is the primary representative body. The AOS has members working in commercial, academic and teaching areas in visible optics, laser optics, IR & UV optics, X-ray optics, spectroscopy and atom optics, neutron optics, quantum optics, medical optics, imaging, and applications, to name a few broad categories of interest. Our conferences are usually very strong in visible and laser optics and applications, and usually have good representation in the other areas. Typical conferences have 200-400 attendees when not enhanced by collocation with other conferences.


The Memorandum of Association of the Australian Optical Society


The Articles of Association of the Australian Optical Society

For a personal view of the creation of the AOS, this article has been transcribed from the AOS News : Article - The Founding of the Australian Optical Society by W.H.Steel

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