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Physics and Astronomy

Tui Britton

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Faculty of Science
Macquarie University NSW 2109

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Email tui.-brittonmq.-edu.-au
Position PhD Student
Room No. E6B 2.201
Fax +61-2-9850-8115

Tui was born in New Zealand but has spent most of her life living overseas.  She grew up in Singapore where she attended the United World College of South East Asia.  Tui went to university in the U.K. before completing her BSc in Astrophysics at Michigan State University in 2006.  She then went on to undertake a MSc in Physics at the University of New South Wales, which she completed in 2009.  Tui began her PhD in Astronomy at Macquarie University in August of 2009 when she was awarded with a Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship.

Tui's PhD research is in the field of star formation.  She is investigating how the most massive stars in our galaxy are formed.  Tui uses radio telescopes to detect masers (analogous to lasers), which are bright enough to probe the dark molecular clouds enveloping the young massive stars.  Her current project is the first systematic survey of the 25 GHz series of methanol masers in the southern hemisphere.  Tui's university advisors are Mark Wardle and Orsola de Marco.  Tui is co-supervised by Maxim Voronkov at the CSIRO Centre for Astronomy & Space Science.  Tui's other research interests include cultural astronomy and the search for exoplanets. Tui is also a demonstrator for the undergraduate physics labs, a ITAS tutor for Indigenous students, and is an active member of several on-campus student groups.

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