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Physics and Astronomy

PHYS140 Physics 1A 2012


This unit, in combination with PHYS143 (Physics 1B), will provide you with an introduction to the fundamental topics of Physics.  In PHYS140 we will cover topics in mechanics and electromagnetism, including measurement and vectors, Newton's laws of motion, momentum and energy, gravitation, electric charge, electric field and potential, capacitance, simple direct-current circuits, the origin of magnetic fields, and electromagnetic induction.

The textbook used for the unit is Fundamentals of Physics, by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker, extended 9th edition, published by Wiley (the cover should look like the image on the right). This textbook is considered to be absolutely essential for this unit, and is also used in Physics 1B (PHYS143) in semester 2.

You are welcome to visit any of the lecturers or tutors to talk about this unit, individual assignment problems, or any other difficulties you may be having. The lecturers can be found as follows:

Dr James Downes (unit convenor)
Building E7A Room 202   Tel: (02)9850-8900
Email: james.downes @

Professor Deb Kane
Building E7A Room 203   Tel: (02)9850-8907 
Email: deb.kane @

As the 100-level lab director, queries about the practical classes should be directed to Dr James Downes. 

Study material (including assignments) is hosted on the textbook publisher’s website on a PHYS140 specific page that is linked here.  The unit outline for PHYS140 is available here.

Laboratory and tutorial classes start in week 2 of the semester.  


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