The Macquarie University Research Centre for Astronomy, Astrophysics & Astrophotonics currently has about 50 members including faculty, postdoctoral research fellows, postgraduate students, research associates and honorary associates as detailed below.

Some staff and students have joint appointments with other departments or institutes, such as the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) or CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science (CASS). If your info is incorrect or missing, just send a quick email to the Research Centre Administrator at



Name Position Email Location
na Joanne Dawson Lecturer (Joint with CASS) E6B 2.603
na Orsola De Marco Professor, ARC Future Fellow E6B 2.706
na Jon Lawrence Senior Lecturer (Joint with AAO) E6B 2.704
na Richard McDermid Lecturer (Joint with AAO Gemini Office) E6B 2.603
Matt Owers Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow (Joint with AAO) E6B 2.703
Christian Schwab Lecturer (Joint with AAO) Arriving mid 2015
na Lee Spitler Lecturer (Joint with AAO) E6B 2.605
na Mark Wardle Professor, Research Centre Director E6B 2.702
na Daniel Zucker ARC Future Fellow (Joint with AAO) E6B 2.705


Administrative Staff

Name Position Email Location
Research Centre Administrator E6B 2.601


Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Position Email Location
Niyas Madappattu Alikutty Research Assistant E6B 2.207
na Borja Anguiano Jimenez ARC Super Science Fellow E6B 2.204
Heath Jones ORS Postdoctoral Research Fellow E6B 2.206
Angel Lopez-Sanchez Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Joint with AAO) Off Campus
na Birendra Pandey ARC DP Fellow E6B 2.206
Jan Staff ARC DP fellow E6B 2.206


Postgraduate Students

Name Position Email Location
Carlos Bacigalupo PhD Student E6B 2.201
christina Christina Baldwin PhD Student E6B 2.201
na Tui Britton PhD Student (Joint with CASS) E6B 2.201
Charles Cosgrove MRes Student ; W6A Level 2
na Michael Cowley PhD Student (Joint with AAO) E6B 2.201
DanicaD Danica Draskovic PhD Student E6B 2.201
Tobias Feger PhD Student E6B 2.201
Greg Goldstein PhD Student E6B 2.201
Andreas_Herzog Andreas Herzog PhD Student (co-supervised by CASS) E6B 2.201
Sarah (Traine) Keith PhD Student E6B 2.201
Erik Kool PhD Student E6B 2.201
Roberto Iaconi PhD Student E6B 2.201
na Andrew Lehmann PhD Student E6A 2.201
Daniel MacDonald PhD Student E6B 2.201
Alessandro Maini PhD Student E7B 208
Stephen McAndrew PhD Student E6B 2.201
Colin Navin PhD Student E6B 2.201
adriano Adriano Poci MRes Student E6B 2.201
grees Glen Rees PhD Student E6B 2.201
Thomas Reichardt MRes Student E6B 2.201
Travis Stenborg PhD Student E6B 2.201
na James Tocknell PhD Student E6B 2.201
Shane Vickers PhD Student E6B 2.201


Association for Astronomy Staff

Name Position Email Location
Orsola De Marco Director E6B 2.706
Adam Joyce Observatory Technical Officer E7B 214
Tash McFadden Administrator & Manager E6B 2.201


Honorary Associates

Name Position Email Location
Roy Allen Honorary Associate (Retired) E7A 322
Jeremy Bailey Associate Professor (University of New South Wales) UNSW
Joao Bento Honorary Associate
Mike Ireland ANU Future Fellow ANU
Quentin Parker Adjunct Professor (1st May 2015 – 30th April 2016) University of Hong Kong
Warren Reid Honorary Associate
Alan Vaughan Honorary Associate (Retired) E7A 322



Name Position
Richard Baxter MPhil Student – 2012
Catherine Braiding PhD Student – 2011
Stacey Bright PhD Student – 2013
Sarah Chamberlain PhD Student – 2011
John Ching BSc(Hons) Student – 2008
Daniel Cotton PhD Student (Adjunct) – 2008
Anthony Conn PhD Student – 2013
Nick Cvetojevic PhD Student – 2014
Ashkbiz Danehkar PhD Student – 2014
Tiffany Day MRes Student – 2014
Kyle DePew PhD Student  – 2011
Dimitri Douchin PhD Student – 2014
Michael Fitzgerald PhD Student – 2014
David Gardner MRes Student – 2014
Madusha Gunawardhana BSc(Hons) Student  – 2010
Duane Hamacher PhD Student – 2011
Shane Hengst BSc(Hons) Student – 2005
Daniel Hobbs BSc(Hons) Student  – 2004
Elaina Hyde PhD Student -2014
Nemanja Jovanovic PhD Student, PostDoc – 2012
Anna Kovacevic PhD Student – 2011
Rajika (Reggie) Kuruwita MRes Student – 2014
Angela Mabee BSc(Hons) Student – 2004
Geraldine Marien MPhil Student – 2012
Korinne McDonnell PhD Student – 2011
Brent Miszalski PhD Student – 2010
Arik Mitschang PhD Student – 2014
Rachel Moody PostDoc Student – 2003-2006
Lesa Moore BSc(Hons) Student – 2003, MPhil – 2008
Alan Peyaud PhD Student – 2005, PostDoc – 2009
Mark Pierce PhD Student – 2005
Andreas Ritter PhD Student – 2011
Aaron Rizzuto PhD Student – 2014
Raquel Salmeron BSc(Hons) Student – 2006
Andrew Smith MPhil Student – 2010
Izabela Spaleniak PhD Student – 2014