Galactic Archaeology Surveys: Past, Present and Future

23-27 July 2012  -  Sydney, Australia

Sydney Milky-Way Fade

An international workshop on Galactic Archaeology Surveys

The workshop will focus on Large Surveys related to Galactic Archaeology science. The goal is to bring together those involved in some of the past, present and planned Galactic archaeology surveys. The general theme is along the lines of What we have learned, What we are now learning, and What we will learn, both in terms of characterizing the Milky Way, as well as technicalities of carrying out successful large scale surveys.

To that end, we are inviting a representative sample of scientists involved in the major surveys and experts in Galactic archaeology to stimulate the scientific discourse. In order to maintain a workshop atmosphere with time for discussions, we expect the total attendance to be approximately 50 people, with limited space available for contributed talks related to the workshop goals.

Important dates:

Contact Information

For any questions or comments please contact Arik at

Martin Asplund (ANU) Gayandhi DeSilva (AAO)
James Binney (Oxford) Simon O'Toole (AAO)
Joss Bland-Hawthorn (USyd) Daniel Zucker (MQ)
Gayandhi DeSilva (AAO) Valentina D'Orazi (MQ)
Sofia Feltzing (Lund Obs) Daniela Carollo (MQ)
Ken Freeman (ANU) Arik Mitschang (MQ)
Eva Grebel (UHeidelberg)
Jennifer Johnson (OSU)
Heather Morrison (Case)
Daniel Zucker (MQ)